About Us

Patients, families and their advocates deserve and demand all the information necessary to make informed choices about their treatment preferences and expect that healthcare professionals and institutions honor their wishes.

Our Policies

Our goal is for people to receive the medical treatment that they want consistent with their goals and preferences– nothing less and nothing more. In order to accomplish our goal, we must overcome and remove barriers in current laws that prevent individuals from receiving treatment that is inconsistent with their wishes. Learn more about our policy agenda below.

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Our Guiding Principles

The Campaign to End Unwanted Medical Treatment collaborators support:
Honoring the dignity, values and healthcare choices of every person at each stage of his or her illness.

Ensuring that consumers are empowered and have access to a full range of well-coordinated medical care and treatment, including curative care, palliative care and hospice care.

Improving the quality of discussions between patients and healthcare professionals about advanced and terminal illness and end-of-life decisions.
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What is it and Why is it so Important?”

“Concurrent Palliative and Curative Services: The Next Step in Evolution of Medicare Hospice Care”

“All patients have the legal right to make their own medical decisions, including refusing treatment. No one should be forced to undergo any procedure against his or her wishes. Together we can put control back in patients’ hands.”
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